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Executive Director
Loeb, Kim
Director of Finance
Stadnyk, Chantel, CA
Manager; Marketing, Student Recruitment, Business Systems and Online Learning
Dram, Stevi
Program Manager
Bailey, Lelita
Program Manager
Wilson, Ashlie
Program Manager
Warkentin, Karen
Program Manager
Siemens, Julie
Academic Manager
Molloy, Ken
Academic Advisor
Carpick, Kelly
Recruitment & Promotions Coordinator
Derksen, Katie
Student Life & Engagement Coordinator
Wickramasinghe, Mekala
Internship Assistant
Aiello, Gina
Admission Administrator
Cottee, Nicole
Program Administrator and Scheduling Coordinator
Mwaiposa, Mechthilde
Program Administrator
Krenn, Ingrid
Program Administrator
Stokes, Nancy
Program Administrator
Gosselin, Elaine
Manager, Registration and Client Services
Krueger, Krista
Registration Officer
Pauls, Nancy
Registration Officer
Perera, Heidi
Registration Assistant
Cloutis, Rosemarie
Technical Services
Tran, Peter
Wesley and Buhler Buildings