Advanced HTML5/CSS3 - DIT 21012

DIT 21012 36

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

This is the final course in a series of three levels covering the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) programming language. Students will learn how to use CSS for creating things like navigation menus, positioning, and visibility. CSS3 will also be covered and students will learn more modern effects such as drop-shadows, rounded corners and animation. HTML5 will be covered in greater detail, including new HTML5 form fields and audio/video. Students will learn how to make responsive websites that are adaptable to mobile and tablet devices.


Intermediate HTML5/CSS


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Write more complex CSS selectors;
  • Utilize CSS3 effects such as shadows, rounded corners, opacity and animation;
  • Understand and use CSS3 Transforms;
  • Apply HTML5 to embed video and/or audio on a Web page;
  • Construct advanced HTML5 form elements;
  • Create “responsive” pages using CSS Media Queries;
  • Plan and create “mobile” friendly layouts using CSS and HTML5.
Web Development Diploma
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