Applied Consumer Behaviour Fundamentals - DPS 54010

DPS 54010 36 hours

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Emotional connection is one of the key drivers of consumer decision making behaviour. Understanding what buyers want and the factors influencing consumer behaviour is essential to customer satisfaction and retention. Further, word-of-mouth referral is a powerful channel given the plethora of new social media platforms and their increasing sphere of influence. This course explores the buying decision process, demographics and consumer behavior, and market research. Topics will include motivation, perception, attitudes, and cultural influences.


The main goal of this course is to heighten your understanding of consumer behaviour. Buying, Having and Being which is the subtitle of the textbook emphasizes that Consumer Behaviour goes beyond looking at the act of buying to having and being. It is more than buying things. We will learn through the course the study of how having (or not having) things affect our lives and the impact of possessing things affect our state of being.  We learn not only why people buy things but also how products, services and consumption activities contributes to our experience in the broader social world. We will learn, no matter what activities we are engaged in, our lives are touched by the marketing system. We will also learn the importance of understanding consumers in formulating marketing strategy through consumer research.

Marketing Management Diploma
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