Applied Project Management Certificate

Project management is a growing field with no indications it is slowing down. There is an increased demand for individuals to know about, and manage, both small- and large-scale projects. No matter the industry the skills of a project manager are relevant.

The Applied Project Management Certificate (APMC) program will take students through the lifecycle of a project, providing the terminology and concepts required to participate in, and lead, projects. The courses will go through the planning, cost estimates and budgeting, communication strategies for stakeholders, and monitoring and controlling projects.

The program is for individuals wanting to augment their education and gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed in project management or wanting to step into project management. This program may be taken entirely online, or through a blended learning format (some in class, some online).

International Students may apply for this program as all courses are completed in your home country via online learning. This program does not allow for application of a study visa.

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•    Create and execute project work plans, define project scopes and deliverables, determine project resources and staffing requirements, set project milestones, develop budget proposals, and successfully close a variety of projects;
•    Gain a thorough understanding of the procurement life cycle;
•    Create a project management communication plans;
•    Manage changes in project scope, create comprehensive risk profiles, and identify and develop mitigation and avoidance strategies;
•    Foster a dynamic team environment built on collaborative relationships.

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