Audit and Control - DPS 51260

DPS 51260 36 hours

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This course introduces audit processes, based on a framework of international professional standards, ethics, legal liabilities, and systems for reviewing and evaluating audit performance. Topics include audit planning, decision-making, evaluation of internal controls, impact of emerging technologies, information technology (IT) governance, risk assessment and materiality. The course emphasizes best practice models for audit and control, particularly in the areas of testing, documenting audit evidence, and communicating audit findings to important stakeholders.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the internal and external audit functions;
  • ¬†Understand the professional, ethical and legal requirements for the audit processes, with reference to compliance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (ISPPIA);
  • Describe the relationship of risks, internal controls and corporate governance;
  • Determine audit planning requirements and develop internal audit plans using a risk based approach;
  • Coordinate auditing and reporting activities with various stakeholders, including the public, shareholders, Board, management and staff;
  • ¬†Analyze and communicate the audit results and determine the appropriate follow-up measures for monitoring and controlling activities.
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