Basic Corporate Finance for Managers - DPS 51076

DPS 51076 36 hours

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The 2007 global financial crisis had far-reaching implications – affecting financial markets, companies and individuals around the world. This course introduces the theory and practice of Corporate Finance and delves into the behaviour of financial markets. It explores what financial managers do and why, as well as what financial managers should do to increase organizational value. Topics include financing decisions and market efficiency, the time value of money, risk-return trade-off, working capital management and capital budgeting.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Define basic Corporate Finance terminology and the role of the Finance Manager.
  • Calculate common investment criteria and project cash flows associated with corporate project evaluation;
  • Identify relevant cash flows for capital budgeting projects and apply various methods to analyze projects;
  • Forecast a firm’s financial needs;
  • Analyze the capital structure decisions of firms;
  • Describe and calculate the cost of capital for a business and solve capital budgeting problems;
  • Describe the common factors influencing a company’s dividend policy;
  • Explain the role of short-term financial management and the key strategies and techniques used to manage working capital.
Financial Management Diploma
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