Behaviour Description Interviewing - DPS 15301

DPS 15301 7 hours

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One quality hire can save an organization a substantial amount of time and money. Many businesses use the behaviour description interviewing technique as a selection tool to screen candidates on their fit to organizational culture, on their motivational level and adaptability. This seminar is designed for people who will be on the hiring committee and who wish to develop proficiency in the behaviour description interviewing technique.

Using video demonstrations, group discussions and role-play, you will develop the skills needed to find the best candidates for available job openings. Plenty of opportunities will be provided for interviewing practice.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Understand and apply the principles of Behaviour Description Interviewing theory;
  • Structure interview questions towards the performance outcomes, the job specifications, and the evaluation metrics;
  • Practice effective note-taking strategies;
  • Match desired behavioural characteristics to organizational and job requirements;
  • Gain confidence in applying this technique to your next interview process.
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