D55 31000 1701 - For Better, For Worse (and Often it was Worse): Stories of England's Queens

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Revised: May 23, 2017
Course Number D55 31000 1701
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Course Hours 12 hours
Cost $72.00
Dates - (6 classes)
Day Mon
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Room 5L24
Instructor A. Morton
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Anne Morton B.A., M.A., M.A. (Theology), is a Winnipegger both by birth and by choice. She spent some years in England and Ontario but came back home to work in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives.  Her twenty-five years there provided a wonderful opportunity to learn about  North American and British history  and the different ways in which history is studied.     After retirement she added a degree in Theology from the U of W to her degrees in Classics and English.  A storyteller as well as an archivist, she values both documented fact and historical fiction as ways of understanding the past.  She has taught 55+ courses on the Stuarts and on Queens of England from Margaret of Anjou to Elizabeth Tudor. 

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