Budgeting for Success - DPS 59066

DPS 59066 7 hours

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Workplace managers must be able to not only manage their department’s cash flow but they must also justify the expenditures. Developing purposeful and credible budgets provides a number of benefits including better forecasting and improved manager and employee motivation. As well, it creates an effective financial communication platform between all levels of the organization. Participants will learn the basics of developing a cash budget from a business prospective, with a focus on cash management strategies.


On completion of this seminar, students should be able to:

  • Develop a departmental or organizational budget
  • Determine requirements and assess whether the department or organization can achieve budgeting objectives
  •  Develop a business cash flow budget to estimate and track expenses for an organization or a business unit
  •  Identify the necessary steps to ensure budget goals are achieved
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