Bullyproofing our Schools - DEA 15453

DEA 15453 6 hours

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A common problem on playgrounds and in schools is bullying behaviour. This workshop will examine the characteristics of bullies and their victims. Intervention strategies will be discussed that focus on school wide change and individual empowerment. Teaching assistants play a crucial role in implementing bully proofing strategies in the schools. This workshop will provide insight and strategies for assisting in making schools safe.


  • To develop understanding and strategies necessary for helping to bullyproof our schools


  • Familiarity with characteristics of bullies and victims
  • Knowledge about intervention strategies that focus on school-wide change and individual empowerment
  • Development of insight and strategies for helping to bullyproof schools
Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Part-time)Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)
Upcoming Classes

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DEA 15453 1801 Bullyproofing our Schools Instructor: Joan Zaretsky
Thu -
to (1 class)
Room: 1AN03B

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DEA 15453 1802 Bullyproofing our Schools Instructor: Joan Zaretsky
Sat -
to (1 class)
Wesley and Buhler Buildings