Business Analysis Fundamentals - DPS 51021

DPS 51021 36 hours

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Formerly DPS 16292 Introduction to Business Analysis

While the cost of fixing errors within the planning phase of a project is hard to measure, the harm project failure brings to business' reputation is not. The business analyst is an integral part of a successful project. This individual often determines what initiatives should be undertaken in a project, defines project requirements and specifications, and identifies all the touch points between the project and the business. This course introduces key concepts, systems, tools, and methodologies to help project managers identify, analyze and document business requirements and make recommendations to management. The course also focuses on the six key knowledge areas as defined in the Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Gain an understanding of the knowledge areas of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK);
  • Describe the role and core competencies of a business analyst;
  • Use a variety of business analysis modeling, diagram and flowchart tools including entry relationship, workflow and activity diagrams, case models, and business event models;
  • Prepare process specifications and identify project constraints and assumptions;
  • Define the difference between requirements and business rules;
  • Identify non-functional requirements, describe requirement verification and elicitation techniques, and prepare a requirements test plan.
Project Management Diploma
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