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DPS 16149 36 hours

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In the current economic climate where so many new start-ups fail, what skills and knowledge do business leaders need to succeed? This course explores critical business issues, including maximizing competitive performance, navigating the chaos of disruptive innovation, and creating long-term sustainability in today's "innovate or die" environment. Highly interactive class discussion helps break out core business concepts across a variety of business models. Using a case study framework, students will explore different business forms, environmental influences, key management challenges, and innovative business solutions. Through assigned readings, case studies and lectures, students will gain a balanced perspective of fundamental business theories and best practice methodologies.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Identify key business theories and models and analyze current business issues using the case methodology approach;
  • Understand different economic systems and analyze the impact of free-market capitalism on the globalization of the marketplace;
  • Analyze the impact of ethical business practice and corporate social responsibility on its reputation, customers, and bottom line;
  • Understand how core functions like human resources, marketing, finance and technology drive business;
  • Distinguish the difference between management and leadership.

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