Business Law - DPS 15193

DPS 15193 36 hours

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This course will provide an overview of Canadian law and legal issues affecting business in Canada. Torts, contracts and property laws affecting business formation and government regulations will be examined. Topics will include relevant legal terminology, structures, processes as well as legislative requirements affecting business activities and potential consequences for non-compliance. The course will help students understand how legal requirements impact Canadian businesses and their role in society and the economy.


On the completion of this course, students will:

  • Become familiar with Canadian business law terminology, structures, processes and legislative requirements affecting business
  • Examine how legal requirements apply to typical business situations, practices, protocols and decision making processes
  • Understand the implications of legal responsibilities for businesses and consequences for non-compliance
  • Understand how businesses need to identify and manage potential legal risks and liability scenarios that may adversely affect them
  • Understand how the law impacts business ethics and codes of conduct expected in Canada
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