Dennis Batacan

Dennis Batacan

I honestly believe that being in, and later finishing, the program catapulted my career,

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Business Systems Analyst Diploma

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Within all industries, businesses rely on information.  Quality, timeliness of data and complete analysis can positively or negatively impact mission-critical decisions.  The role of a Business Analyst is to bridge the gap between the business need identified in the strategic plan and available solutions.  The Analyst achieves this bridge by thoroughly analyzing the business needs and processes, then designing and testing a solution.  The national definition of a Business Analyst is “Business Analysts conduct research, develop and implement (information) systems development plans, policies and procedures, and provide advice on a wide range of (information) system issues.”

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  • Ability to identify and document business-systems requirements, conduct business and technical studies, and design, develop and implement business solutions.
  • Ability to offer advice on information systems strategy, policy, management and service delivery.
  • Ability to assess physical and technical security risks to data, software and hardware, and develop policies, procedures and contingency plans to minimize effects of security breaches.
  • Ability to conduct independent, third-party reviews to assess quality assurance practices, software products and information systems.

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