Case Studies and Issues in Public Relations - DPS 15354

DPS 15354 36 hours

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Students will discuss, analyze and develop communications strategies for a variety of real and simulated public relations cases involving corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations. Emphasis will be on contemporary public relations issues and, through discussion and consensus building, the class will consider appropriate strategies to influence public opinion responsibly and effectively. Classes will include overviews on basic public relations theories and techniques and in-depth examinations of the roles media play in shaping public opinion on controversial issues.


This is the capstone course in the Public Relations and Strategic Communications Program.  The University recommends that students take this course as one of the final components of their diploma requirements.

Public Relations Fundamentals I


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand best practices in PR in order to develop effective communications strategies;
  • Understand the many skills and techniques required by a PR professional on a daily basis;
  • Make responsible and effective decisions in strategic and day-to-day situations;
  • Present a polished portfolio for presentation to future employers.
No longer accepting applications: Public Relations and Strategic Communications Diploma (Part-time)Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communication Diploma
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DPS 15354 1801 Case Studies and Issues in Public Relations Instructor: Signy Gerrard
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