Cisco CCNA Ethical Hacking - DIT 35107

DIT 35107 40 hours

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"Ethical hacking" is defined as the use of hacking skills for defensive purposes. Hackers want to know how things work and are always taking a critical view about what they learn. Ethical hacking is about doing this with a defensive mindset and is not just about attacking. Ethical hackers put their outcomes to good use and help improve security in the process.

Ethical hacking develops your critical thinking and troubleshooting skills and requires a willingness to look at technology from unusual perspectives. Experimentation is critical.

The objectives of ethical hacking are not to cause mischief or to seize control of what does not belongs to us. Rather the objectives are to look for ways to protect organizations’ assets and facilitate improvements.

Offered at Winnipeg Technical College.


Cisco CCNA Level 4 MITT

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