Coaching for Development - DPS 15339

DPS 15339 7 hours

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

Visionary organizations are equipping their managers with coaching strategies to enable them to unlock the full potential of their team. Effective managers and supervisors today realize that success depends increasingly on tapping into the sources of good ideas, and then providing an environment that encourages collaboration to produce results. Today’s organizational leaders, at all levels, see themselves as coaches, sponsors and consultants, whose role is to support a committed, adaptive, and responsive staff.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Define coaching using a proven model that highlights the benefits to the organization and the employee;
  • Establish a culture that supports coaching for development;
  • Utilize key communication strategies to enable you to listen for interests underlying positions and behaviour;
  • Explore performance feedback that makes a difference;
  • Observe and practice coaching skills.
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