Coaching - A New & Powerful Technique for Leaders - DPS 59065

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A new profession called ‘coaching’ arrived in the work world in the 1990’s. By 2013, over 11,000 people had met stringent guidelines to be accredited by the International Coach Federation. This number is increasing exponentially each year. Coach skills have also been introduced to leaders across a wide range of industries and many have chosen to adopt a coach-approach as their overall leadership style to maximize the potential of their staff. Coaches are utilized in organizations to encourage the implementation of new learning; identify opportunities to leverage overall performance; fast track the on-boarding process or assist in daily challenges and opportunities that all workers encounter.


  • Identifying the differences between internal and external coaching  and compared to mentoring, consulting and training;
  • Describing the impact coaching can have on an organization’s performance;
  • Understanding the roles  and responsibilities of a coach and coachee;
  • Identify when using the coach approach is beneficial
  • Identifying  how to help coachees  uncover beliefs, assumptions, strengths and blind spots ; develop viable options for success and then move forward with those actions
  • Experience the professional process of coaching and practice the accompanying skills that successful coaches employ
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