From Columbus to Cook - D55 31600

D55 31600 12 hours

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From the era of Christopher Columbus (1450s-early 1500s) until the voyages of James Cook to the Pacific in the 1770s, Europeans established colonies, trading posts, and spheres of influence on all continents. While some historians argue that this era of expansion witnessed the rise of European global dominance, other scholars maintain that European influence in many parts of the world remained limited. This course is an introduction to this fascinating debate that has relevance for the world that we live in today. Using a chronological and thematic approach the course surveys the commercial, religious, diplomatic, violent, and intimate interactions between Europeans and peoples in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Pacific. Although the approach of the topic is Euro-centric, African, Indigenous American, and Asian perspectives are essential and will be considered throughout because they shaped the outcome of European expansion. 

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