Conflict and Development Issues in Indigenous Communities - D55 30100

D55 30100 12 hours

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This course will explore the experiences of indigenous peoples in North America within the broad frameworks of development and conflict resolution.  The course begins by describing key elements of indigenous culture and worldview. From the perspective of conflict resolution studies, inter- and intra-group conflict and conflict resolution processes involving indigenous communities will be explored. From the perspective of international development studies, processes of marginalization and underdevelopment will be presented to understand the indigenous communities' social, economic and political situation. Strategies for community development and conflict resolution will be highlighted as means to achieve transformation.

This course will allow students to explore the history and current thinking about conflict and development issues involving the indigenous peoples of the world.  Special attention will be given to the experience of Canadian peoples.  We will briefly review the cultural context of North America prior to European arrival.  As we work our way to the present, we will explore the events and motivations of the peoples involved in creating the current inequalities present between indigenous and settler communities.  We will look at some of the legal justifications for European actions such as the Doctrine of Discovery, terra nullius, Manifest Destiny and a just war.  We will explore the transitions from relationships based upon mutual benefit and independence of Canadian indigenous peoples, to the creation of dominant and dependent societies.  In the latter half of the course we will survey a series of current strategies for creating equitable and ethical research and development communities with indigenous partners. 

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