Corporate Sponsorship - DPS 51090

DPS 51090 36 hours

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With so many organizations vying for sponsorship from the same limited pool of resources, who you target and how you define shared value opportunities defines the success of a campaign. This course is designed from both a buyer and seller perspective and leads participants through the sponsorship marketing process.


Participants will develop an understanding of the strategic and practical elements of corporate sponsorship through a comprehensive exploration of sponsorship marketing. Topics will include relationship building, sponsor selection and confirmation, proposal writing, inventory and activation, financial, legal, and ethical considerations, and evaluation.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand how sponsorship fits into an overall marketing strategy from a buyer perspective;
  • Develop a successful sponsorship strategy and write an effective sponsorship proposal from a seller perspective;
  • Identify high-value and right-fit sponsorship targets;
  • Utilize a discovery session model to articulate sponsorship inventory value and shared partnership opportunities;
  • Develop activation strategies to enhance the sponsorship experience, including the incorporation of media and social media activities;
  • Research and evaluate competitors vying for the same sponsorship dollars and analyze their sponsorship activities;
  • Define and incorporate measurement objectives into a sponsorship strategy.
Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communication DiplomaMarketing Management Diploma
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