Creating Inclusive Workplaces : Accessibility to Accommodation - DPS 59068

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Statistics Canada notes that over 3.8 million individuals reported having a disability in 2012 (almost 15% of Canadian population)1.  WCB Statistics notes that workers 45 years and older, now account for 42.8% of our workforce in Manitoba 2.  There are now legal requirements outlined in the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) spelling out the employer's responsibility to create a 5 year Accessibility Plan, and to ensure customer service personnel are trained in disability awareness, in accordance with the new Customer Service Standards. This seminar will look at how creating workplace environments and services that are accessible to all has become a priority.

1. "In 2012 almost 14% of the Canadian population aged 15 years or older—3.8 million individuals—reported having a disability that limited their daily activities." Statistics Canada

2. WCB Statistics 2013


On completion of this seminar, students will:

·Gain understanding of the legislation specific to the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) and the Customer Service Standards and how to create workplace Accessibility Plans;

·Explore considerations for the aging worker and aging population customer base

·Gain understanding of the role of the HR professional in the identification and elimination of barriers to services and the environment;

·Gain an understanding of the legal framework (Manitoba Human Rights Code and Duty to Accommodate legislation) required to develop return to work measures in accordance with different stakeholder requirements from union to health or medical specialists;

·Explore the principles of duty to accommodate, the right to privacy, and the parameters of reasonable accommodation in terms of undue hardship based on health, safety, financial, and adequate notification considerations;

·Explore principles of Ergonomics, creating an ergonomics program and procedures for identifying and mitigating ergonomic risk factors.

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