Custom Theme Development in Wordpress - DIT 21062

DIT 21062 36 hours

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Wordpress has become the de facto Content Management System (CMS) for dynamic websites and, more recently, the backend powering many web applications. In this course, students use the Wordpress framework to build a number of Wordpress themes from scratch. Students will build five Wordpress themes, each time starting from an empty folder and ending with a fully functional, custom Wordpress theme. As the themes grow in complexity, the principles of theme development, workflow, and best practices will become clear. More importantly, students will learn to perform online research, using the comprehensive Wordpress Codex to find the answers to the technical challenges they will inevitably face in the real world.


Advanced PHP Programming


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze a custom design and estimate the complexity of a potential Wordpress theme
  • Set up and use an efficient Wordpress theme development environment
  • Understand and implement the workflow required to successfully build and deploy a custom Wordpress theme.
  • Understand and leverage the built in Wordpress functions and tools for theme development
  • Create fully functional, portable Wordpress themes, separate and distinct from site content
  • Learn to research and solve technical challenges by using the Wordpress Codex
Web Development Diploma
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