Data Modelling and Normalization with MYSQL - DIT 21127

DIT 21127 36 hours

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In a web development environment, predictive tools are essential for helping developers conceptualize and integrate the flow of data through websites. In this hands-on course using MySQL, students will be introduced to the principles of database design and data modeling, the fundamentals of entity relationships, and the diagram database models using Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD).Students will learn to normalize database tables to create robust and scalable databases that can handle growth and minimize human error. Students will be introduced to the MySQL Database Management System (DBMS) and to the fundamentals of querying databases using Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract meaningful information, enter new information, and update existing information.


  • MySQL
  • Computer and Internet access at home.
Advanced JavaScript


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and define “entities” and explain their importance in database design;
  • Identify and explain the relationship (cardinality) of entities in a database;
  • Plan and model a multi-table database;
  • Explain and demonstrate the process of normalization, including identification of the major normal forms;
  • Normalize and model a multi-table database to (at least) Third Normal Form (3NF);
  • Create a fully functioning database in the MySQL Database Management System;
  • Use SQL statements to query (select, insert, update, delete) data from a MySQL database;
  • Use a variety of tools include the MySQL monitor on the Unix shell, MySQL Workbench on the computer desktop, and PHPMyAdmin, a web-based tool for administering MySQL databases.
Web Development Diploma
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