Developing Capable People: Educators and Parents - DEA 15153

DEA 15153 30 hours

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Some young people are able to bounce back from hardship while others struggle to do so.  This course examines the characteristics of resiliency.  Participants will learn what to do to help prepare young people to meet life’s challenges and to become healthy and capable in times of rapid change.  The course is based on the research of Stephen Glenn, family psychologist and internationally acclaimed expert in drug and alcohol abuse prevention.  The program includes lectures, films, group discussion, personal reflection and activities.

Topics will include:

  • Coping with change
  • The power of perception
  • Perceptions of personal capabilities
  • Perceptions of personal significance
  • Perceptions of personal power
  • Developing the intrapersonal skills of self discipline
  • Developing the interpersonal skills of effective communication
  • Developing personal and social responsibility
  • Developing decision-making skills based upon values and principles
  • Planning for the future




  • To provide practical knowledge about helping individuals meet life’s challenges and become capable people


  • Understanding of the characteristics of resiliency
  • Knowledge about strategies for preparing young people to meet life’s challenges

Additional Comments

  • Includes workbook
Upcoming Classes

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