Developing Personal Resilience - DPS 16424

DPS 16424 7 hours

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Today’s dynamic, complex workplaces (and life-places) require that we adjust rapidly and effectively to constant change. Personal resilience is a tool that each of us can develop, to not only accept and cope with current realities, but in fact embrace and commit to the changes required by those realities…with energy! During this session, we will explore useful strategies for you to immediately implement into your life.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Identify personal ‘distress’ signals that can inhibit performance;
  • Use simple strategies for maintaining personal alignment;
  • Understand how interpretations impact emotions, and ultimately behaviour;
  • Assume more control and influence over your work experience by making choices that work for you;
  • Turn workplace pressure into energy for a top performance;
  • Understand how you can build commitment to change in your organization.
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DPS 16424 1801 Developing Personal Resilience Instructor: Jackie Desroches
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