Developing Reading Skills - DEA 15143

DEA 15143 15 hours

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This course will provide an overview of the reading process, how we learn to read and some of the difficulties learners experience.  This practical course will examine techniques such as the cueing systems, Guided Reading, reading essential and effective strategies to support struggling readers.


  • To discuss the theory of learning
  • To define what reading is
  • To examine research related to learning to read
  • To share and explore a variety of practical classroom strategies
  • To discuss struggling readers
  • To acquire knowledge of the role of an educational assistant in relation to working with students learning to read and students that are struggling readers.


  • Understanding of the reading process from reading readiness to study skills
  • Knowledge about techniques that help develop graphophonemic, syntactic and semantic cueing systems
Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Part-time)Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)
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