E-Commerce Project - DIT 16035

DIT 16035 30 hours

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

This course is the final one taken by the ISSD students. It combines many of the skills and lessons learned throughout the entirety of the course, but focusing specifically on the network / administration / security component. Students will be tasked with building, from the ground up, a fully functional Internet server. This includes assembly and configuration of the network, research, installation, and configuration of services, and full security assessment. As well, students will have to build a small web presence, simulating a commercial establishment online. Students will have to form groups, manage and delegate responsibilities, meet internal deadlines, and operate as a business should. In two weeks, an Internet server will be born, and it's services brought to fruition. It is designed to be a test of many skills, covering everything from networking to project management to web design, etc. Simulating a real-world environment, this will be the final test of the students skills and readiness for the industry.

Wesley and Buhler Buildings