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Code Blue Emergency Telephones

Code Blue Emergency Phones are located at the front entrance of the Buhler Center and connect directly to UWinnipeg Security on main campus.

Fire, Police, Ambulance: 911

Dial 911 from any public phone.

Dial 8-911 from any UWinnipeg PACE phone.

If the 911 operator asks, the University of Winnipeg Buhler Center is at the corner of Portage Ave and Memorial Blvd, across from The Bay.

UWinnipeg Emergency Response Guidelines

Here is a list of University of Winnipeg Emergency Guidelines for:

  • Evacuation (Armed Intruder - Fire/Hazardous Materials Spill)
  • Severe Weather (Blizzards - Cold Wave - Drought - Heat Wave - Ice Storms - Lightning - Thunderstorms - Tornadoes)
  • Workplace Situations (H1N1 influenza Precautions - Bomb Threat / Suspicious Object - Fire - Flooding and Water Damage - Hazardous Material Spill - Hostage Situations - Lockdown Procedures - Medical Crisis - Natural Gas Odour / Leak - Suspicious Mail - Suspicious, Worrisome or Criminal Behaviour - Threats - Utility Failure)
  • Resources (Basic Emergency Kit - Basic Vehicle Emergency Kit - Telephone Threat Procedures)


UWinnipeg Security: (204) 786-6666

Emergency Number: (204) 786-6666. (Dial 6666 on any UWinnipeg PACE phone.)

Other Security Enquiries: (204) 786-9272. (Dial 9272 on any UWinnipeg PACE phone.)

Security & Community Ambassador Services website:

To report emergency details, threats or other concerns to UWinnipeg Security:

The UWinnipeg Security Desk is located just inside the main doors of Centennial Hall. They have a blog at

UWinnipeg Security maintains a lost and found registry for persons that have lost items on campus.



SafeWalk: (204) 786-9272

  • To request a SafeWalk escort, call (204) 786-9272 or stop at the Security Desk (located just inside the main doors of Centennial Hall) and identify your need.
  • SafeWalk will provide you with an escort to your car or bus stop within a one-block radius of the University.
  • SafeWalk operates during Fall and Winter sessions from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • The SafeWalk program is operated by the University of Winnipeg Students' Association (UWSA) in collaboration with Security & Community Ambassador Services.

UWSA SafeWalk in on Facebook and has a Facebook page here. They are also on Twitter as @UWSA_Safewalk.

SafeRide: (204) 786-9272

  • To request a SafeRide, call (204) 786-9272 or stop at the Security Desk (located just inside the main doors of Centennial Hall) and identify your need.
  • SafeRides will be provided within the patrol area boundaries: William Avenue to the north, Assiniboine Avenue to the south, Sherbrook Street to the west and Main Street to the east.
  • SafeRide operates daily until 11:00 pm in the Fall and Winter sessions, in conjunction with the security patrol.
  • The SafeRide program is operated by the University's Security Services.

UWinnipeg Safety Office: (204) 786-9894

Here is the UWinnipeg Safety Office web page:

The Safety Office is located at 1C05 (Centennial Hall).

The Health & Safety Specialist, Ethelinda Padua, may be reached at (204) 786-9894 or at

Health Nurse Information and Contact Information: (204) 782-2588.

Other Safety Resources

UWinnipeg Security has a list of Personal Safety Tips on their website.

Winnipeg Committee for Safety: Who Do I Contact?
A list of telephone numbers for safety and security contacts in Winnipeg. Includes categories for Downtown, Graffiti, Public Maintenance, Clean & Tidy, Street Gangs/Street Youth, General Public Safety, Public Safety Branch Investigation Unit, Emergency Police, Fire, or Ambulance 911, Crisis & Victim Assistance, and more.

UWinnipeg Personal Counselling Services: (204) 786-9231

Individual students may speak with a counsellor to discuss any personal issues which may interfere with achieving their academic goals. A setting is available where students can discuss their personal concerns with complete confidentiality and privacy. These discussions can help students manage their development and learning more effectively.

Our services are available to any student who is currently registered with The University of Winnipeg, The Collegiate, PACE, or the Winnipeg Education Centre. These services are free. Call (204) 786-9231 for more information.


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