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DPS 15763 7 hours

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Contrary to popular belief, it is not our intelligence quotient (IQ) that correlates with success but rather our emotional quotient (or EQ). Emotional intelligence is our ability to harness and transform the energy of our emotions into actions and behaviours that support our goals and enhance our effectiveness.

This seminar will explore emotional intelligence – what it is and how we can use it. Utilizing the original EQ model by Daniel Goleman, this seminar will allow participants to both learn about EQ and practice strategies to build EQ.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Explore a model of emotional intelligence;
  • Understand the impact of becoming more emotionally intelligent. Explore ways to build emotional intelligence;
  • Consider ways to apply emotional intelligence to their professional and personal lives;
  • Be introduced to further concepts linked to emotional intelligence, such as social intelligence.
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DPS 15763 1801 EQ Emotional Intelligence Instructor: Lisa Salvador
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