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DPS 51059 36 hours

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Given recent corporate breaches, like Enron, Fanny Mae, Volkswagen and WorldCom, people are losing faith in today's leaders and are questioning whether they can rise to the challenge of ethical leadership. This course introduces students to the philosophical, legal, moral, rational framework for managerial and workplace decision-making.  The course also examines the intercept between ethics and corporate social responsibility and explores how shared value opportunities can help businesses gain competitive advantage while increasing their public image. Using a variety of contemporary business cases, students will gain a broader perspective on personal integrity, managerial power, and leadership style.


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the philosophical and theoretical origins of ethics and how this influenced the development of Western thought;
  • Define the line between law and ethics and distinguish the difference between ethics, values, codes of conduct, and morals; 
  • Analyze how ethical issues impact an organization and its stakeholders and use ethical decision-making models to work through the issues;
  • Realize how ethics drives corporate social responsibility commitments.

Additional Comments

  • Textbook required
Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communication DiplomaMarketing Management Diploma Human Resource Management Diploma Program (Part-time)No longer accepting applications: Project Management Diploma Program (Part-time)
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