Event Management Fundamentals - DPS 51054

DPS 51054 36 hours

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In the rapidly growing field of event management, successful event planners maximize the success and profitability of an event while minimizing cost overruns and scheduling delays. This course will provide the students with the fundamental knowledge to effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, close and evaluate an event as an event or project manager or as a member of an event or project team.

The course will introduce participants to the basics of event management including its 5 EMBOK (Event Management Body of Knowledge) domains – Administration, Event Design, Marketing, Operations & Logistics and Risk Management – and a further subdivision of those domains. The course will examine the role of the event manager with respect to the various event components, team, client and stakeholders. Participants will learn common event management terminology and how to apply the planning process in the workplace.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Create and implement a successful event plan using the EMBOK as a guideline, with clear and specific objectives and an effective evaluation system;
  • Identify the responsibilities of key individuals and the characteristics of a successful event;
  • Develop and manage an event planning schedule to map out the critical path of an event and to prioritize all key tasks and milestones;
  • Understand the event planning process and the various elements that lead to effective event design;
  • Identify the role of the event manager in team, client, and stakeholder terms;
  • Understand the different aspects of the event industry including the event planning associations and the professional designation process.

Additional Comments

Note: This course is not accredited under the current articulation for credit agreement with the Faculty of Business and Economics.

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