Final Project - DIT 36064

DIT 36064 42 hours

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The Network Security Diploma program summative capstone project will combine the theoretical and practical knowledge students have acquired throughout the network security program. Using inquiry based will develop student’s network security literacy while increasing their problem solving capabilities in a live network environment. Students will research and discover facts and relationships concerning cyber security and strategies to implement this information on their host operating systems and networks. Students will work through assignments dealing with operating system risk mitigation strategies and network configuration. The class will conclude with a summative digital resume that will cover key configurations completed throughout the class. The digital resume aimed at representing a real world situation where IT security professionals are responsible for incident response and reporting information to stakeholders.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop mitigation strategies for common desktop and server operating systems.
  • Apply basic operating system and network vulnerability assessment strategies.
  • Implement a small office or home office network environment.
  • Plan and simulate a network penetration test.
  • Become familiar with group collaboration in a team environment to accomplish tasks.
  • Become familiar with proper documentation and record keeping in relation to configurations with proper referencing techniques.
Network Security Diploma
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