Financial Analysis Fundamentals - DPS 51016

DPS 51016 36 hours

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To bridge the chasm of the current economic divide, organizations require employees with financial analysis acumen to improve business performance and increase profitability. This course introduces a variety of financial controls, operational processes, and efficiency measures, from which to explore business models and the inherent risks associated with managing change. It will also introduce a variety of analytical tools and financial systems to help evaluate business performance and guide strategic decisions.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand how to lead organizations and their financial systems towards efficiency, liquidity, prosperity, and stability objectives;
  • Apply a variety of financial analysis and decision-making tools, such as profit-volume ratio, relative range, break-even analysis, sensitivity analysis, volatility estimation, working capital analysis, sustainable growth rates, and business evaluations;
  • Analyze different methods of payback for capital decisions;
  • Design and monitor capital and operational costs to control spending and capital expenditures, and increase profitability;
  • Influence business and financial decisions in the areas of investment, financing and operations, and effectively communicate this information to relevant stakeholders.
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