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Did you know that stress can be a good thing? Ok, if that question results in a resounding “NO WAY!” then you are probably in the middle of dis-stressful times. If so, what do you do? This one-day seminar will focus on practical strategies of a five-step process that will help participants focus on how to both manage their particular distress levels through strategies that will minimize the stress response and initiate a relaxation response.

The seminar will cover the five steps:

  1. Understand stress
  2. Take stock – identify the stress and the impact on you
  3. Manage the external environment
  4. Manage the internal environment
  5. Plan your action and action your plan


  • Become familiar with a five-step process to managing stress
  • Understand stress and its impact
  • Identify the unique stress response that each of us has
  • Intervene in relaxation and stress management strategies before stress escalates out of control
  • Identify long-term strategies to build stress resilience.
  • Complete their own stress management plan
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