Fundamentals of Data Warehousing - DIT 15949

DIT 15949 24 hours

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The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the use and application of data warehousing technology.

The course provides an understanding of the business problems data warehouse solutions are designed to address as a backdrop to the technical elements of the solution.

In this course, students are exposed to the key architectural components of a data warehouse, the strategies for designing, building and deploying successful data warehouse solutions, and the tools and techniques used by data warehouse practitioners.

The course is designed to be primarily theory based and uses case studies to provide a means of applying data warehouse theories.  Hands-on practicum for data modeling techniques and architectural design will be included.


  • General understanding of information technology


Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be familiar with:

  • The basic concepts, terms & definitions of data warehousing.
  • The nature of business problems that can be solved with data warehousing.
  • The project approach and methodologies used in the construction of data warehouses.
  • The key architectural components and tools required for a complete data warehouse solution.
  • The data modeling techniques used in the development of data warehouses.
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