History of Ecology - D55 31300

D55 31300 12 hours

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This course will explore the origins of ecology as a field of study over the past 150 years and then trace its historical trajectory through to current concerns about climate change and sustainable development.

Lecture 1:        “What’s in a name? The origins of ecology”

Lecture 2:        “Mechanical worlds: Technology and the conquest of Nature”

Lecture 3:        “Created worlds: Stewardship or dominion?”

Lecture 4:        “Worlds at risk: A responsibility to protect”

Lecture 5:        “Worlds for sale: Collective risk and personal profit”

Lecture 6:        “Future worlds: Towards sustainability in a climate-changing world”

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D55 31300 1701 History of Ecology Instructor: P. Denton
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Room: 4W04 - The University Club, Wesley Hall
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