D55 31300 1701 - History of Ecology

Course Outline: Final - Archived
Revised: October 23, 2017
Course Number D55 31300 1701
Course Name History of Ecology
Course Hours 12 hours
Dates - (6 classes)
Day Mon
Times -
Room 4W04 - The University Club, Wesley Hall
Instructor P. Denton
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For thirty years, Peter Denton has explored across multiple disciplines to understand how different kinds of systems interrelate.  Scholar, writer, teacher and public speaker, he explores ways to choose a future sustainable in all of its dimensions – social, cultural, economic, environmental and spiritual.

That involves change, at personal and institutional levels, which he uses various means to encourage.  He is the author or editor of six books, and was honored as an elder in 2014 by two Maasai communities in Kenya.  From 2013-16, he was one of the two civil society representatives to the United Nations Environment Programme, representing the region of North America, and was involved in the North American Regional Assessment for UNEP’s GEO 6 planetary survey as well as in the 10YFP programme.

He is the founder and principal consultant at greenethics.ca, Inc., Adjunct Associate Professor of History at the Royal Military College of Canada, and an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada.

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