HR Program Officially Accredited by Provincial Certifying Body (HRMAM)

PACE is proud to announce that our Human Resource Management Diploma is officially accredited by the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba (HRMAM)

What does this accreditation mean for graduates of our programs?

Graduates in good standing will be eligible to obtain the Certified Human Resources Professional (CPHR) designation without having to write the National Knowledge Exam (NKE).

Graduates can apply for an exam waiver following graduation and once approved, will only be required to complete the necessary professional work experience in order to become designated

  • Applicants must be a member in good standing with HRMAM.  
  • Application for an NKE waiver must be made within one year of graduating from PACE.
  • At this time, previous graduates of PACE may be eligible to apply for an NKE waiver depending on program eligibility.

More information can be found on the HRMAM website:

What does this accreditation mean for the HR Industry in Manitoba & Canada?

Earlier this year CPHR Canada announced new paths to obtaining the CPHR designation including options that allow graduates of Accredited Programs to waive writing the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) as one of the requirements. 

"Incorporating post-secondary training into the CPHR designation is an important step in advancing the designation and providing greater value for the business community." - Ron Gauthier, CEO of HRMAM.  

The Post-Secondary Institution Accreditation Program is a significant step forward for the Human Resources profession. The program will recognize the knowledge gained throughout the duration of the post-secondary education program and provide a significant advantage to graduates looking to pursue the CHRP designation.

“As a student immersed in and continuously evaluated on my HRM knowledge, this redesign makes a lot of sense in easing me into my field of work more efficiently. I'm very grateful for the intelligent thinking and hard work invested by great people at PACE and HRMAM." - Erin Bend, current PACE HR Student.

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