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Human Resource Management Diploma Program (Part-time)

HR Program Officially Accredited by Provincial Certifying Body (CPHR)

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This 4X award winning and CPHR accredited program distinguishes itself from other academic competitors by layering traditional elements of human resource management with a heavy emphasis on leadership, concrete business tools, and effective communication tools.
Given the complexities of an evolving human resource function, the Human Resource Management Program distinguishes its program from academic competitors by layering traditional elements of human resource management with business and communication essentials.  The Human Resource Management Program aligns its knowledge outcomes with industry-recognized standards and best professional practice, earning graduates top scores on the CPHR designation examinations. Further, students will have the opportunity to obtain their WHMIS certification through the Managing Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment course.

Employment in HR is expected to increase as published in the 2016 HR Trends publication and the average salary for a CPHR in Manitoba is $77,748.

To view the program pre April 1, 2015 please see the HR Pre-April 2015 Fact Sheet.

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This program is for individuals interested in:

  • Entering or re-entering the workforce
  • Exploring a change in employment focus or career transition
  • Moving into a supervisory or human resource management position
  • Pursuing a program of professional development leading to a formal diploma
  • Securing essential workplace knowledge and communication skills to complement an academic degree.


  • Work in a variety of human resource positions and be able to assume greater levels of responsibility as they grow in their human resource capability.
  • Understand and comply with the employer's legislative and legal obligations including workplace health and safety regulation, WHMIS legislation, the Worker's Compensation Act, payroll compliance legislation, and employment standards.
  • Conduct organizational needs assessments, analyze and modify organizational staff development plans and develop effective recruitment strategies to attract talent that satisfies the organizational objectives.
  •  Foster a work environment that promotes productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Evaluate performance and communicate performance issues in a manner that encourages responsible and corrective action and manage disciplinary action proactively and thoroughly.
  • Understand the elements of a total compensation package that align with an organizational recruitment and retention strategy, develop compensation policies and procedures, procure benefits, and analyze employee and organizational pension requirements

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Articulation for Credit

Graduates of the Human Resource Management Diploma may be eligible for equivalent course credits towards an undergraduate degree at The University of Winnipeg.

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