Human Resources Information Systems - DPS 59116

DPS 59116 14 hours

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In today’s compressed economy, Human Resources is an important corporate stakeholder to organizational strategy, vibrancy and sustainability. With ever increasing mindfulness of doing-more-with-less, HRs approach to technology can optimize talent management, increase productivity and retention, and save organizations vast amounts of time and money.  This seminar introduces the concept and application of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and explores its potential implications in an organization. Participants will develop an understanding of the role and importance of HR management systems and learn how to assess needs, and how to plan, implement and maintain an HRIS.


On completion of this seminar participants will:

  • Describe what an HRIS is and why companies implement them;
  • Compare and contrast short term vs. long term HRIS needs;
  • Understand concepts of system design, acquisition and maintenance;
  • Determine the HRIS must-have components;
  • Describe the key steps and considerations necessary for successful HRIS implementation;
  • Distinguish between
    • Configuration and customization;
    • Integration and interfaces.
  • Recognize best practices and some of the more common selection, acquisition and implementation pitfalls;
  • Understand types of HRIS functionality and how they are used;
  • Plan for system security and legal compliance issues;
  • Locate sources of additional information and learning.
Professional Edge SeminarsHuman Resource Management Diploma (Full-time)
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