Information Assurance and Security Certificate

Demand for technical security and information assurance professionals has risen dramatically in recent years due to a variety of factors including changes to Canada’s privacy laws, the need to protect and certify data in light of increased attacks by worms, and electronic virus and spy-ware usage.

This four-course series is core to understanding Information Assurance issues and methodology such as what is “Information Assurance,” how is data verified and encrypted and what safeguards should be taken to protect data. The data you are trying to protect, and what is a proper incident response to an attack or security breach will also be covered in this course.

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Upon successful completion of this program, students will gain:

  • Understanding of basic security, legislation, threats, policies, procedures and security-management issues
  • Understanding of key concepts of encryption, countermeasures and safeguards
  • Understanding of strategic, conceptual and pragmatic approach to incident response

Additional Comments

Please Note: Students must apply for admission to this program either before or during the course of the certificate program in order to be eligible for graduation.


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