Information Assurance and Security: Incident Response - DIT 15914

DIT 15914 24 hours

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While predictability is somewhat elusive in the cybersecurity realm, predictability measures are essential to incident response systems. This course introduces students to best practice approaches and methodologies for managing incident response (IR), response escalation, and forensic evidence collection. This is the final course in a series of four courses in the area of Information Assurance and Security. The course will cover the processes and procedures involved with incident response (IR) and provide students with practical hands-on training related to response escalation and forensic evidence gathering.


  • To provide a conceptual, pragmatic and strategic approach to incident response


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply recognized approaches, systems and procedures to manage the incident response process;
  • Develop an effective cross functional Incident Response team.
  • Build incident escalation measures and develop an emergency response plan according to their organizational requirement;
  • Work through and Incident Response scenario.
Information Assurance and Security CertificateNetwork Security Certificate (Part-time)Network Security Diploma
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DIT 15914 1703 Information Assurance and Security: Incident Response Instructor: Bill Gidzak
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