Information Assurance and Security Level 2: Security and Risk Management (CISSP Domain 1) - DIT 15536

DIT 15536 24 hours

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*Previously Information Assurance and Security: Cryptography and Encryption DIT 15536*

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the areas of Cryptography and Encryption information security. The course provides the conceptual foundation for more advanced topics covered in later Information Assurance and Security courses. In this course, students are exposed to basic concepts such as how encryption started, advances, threats, procedures and security management issues. The course is designed to be conceptual in nature and provides limited hands on experience in working with many of the concepts presented.


  • To introduce cryptography and encryption and how they relate to network security


Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be familiar with:

  • Explain how basic cryptology works.
  • Use basic encryption.
  • Compare different message authentication methods.
  • Distinguish between various threat categories.
  • Differentiate between qualitative & quantitative risk analysis.
  • Describe Hash functions.
  • Explain Public and Private Key structures.
  • Explain how Man-in-the-Middle attacks work in relation to cryptology.
  • Compare cipher structures.
  • Interpret and critically analyze the encryption nature needs of an organization's environment.
Information Assurance and Security CertificateNetwork Security Certificate (Part-time)Network Security Diploma
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