John Lehr: Instructor

John (Jock) Lehr is a Senior Scholar at the University of Winnipeg, where he was formerly a Professor in the Geography Department. He has also taught at Stockport College of Technology in the UK, the University of Victoria, British Columbia, and at Bar Ilan University in Israel. By training and inclination he is a historical geographer but his research interests are geographically diverse, including image building and ethno-religious settlement in western Canada, communal settlement in Israel and Japan, and Ukrainian settlement in South America. His interest in history, geography and culture was initially sparked by his family's dual Scottish and German origins. Research has led him to Ukraine, South America, the Middle East, Japan and, most recently, to Minnesota.

He has published numerous articles in academic journals, mostly in English but also in Ukrainian, Hebrew and German.  His most recent books include Community and Frontier: A Ukrainian Settlement in the Canadian Parkland (1911) and, with Yossi Katz, Inside the Ark: The Hutterites in Canada and the United States. (2012).

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