Lesley Lindberg: Instructor

Lesley Lindberg is the principal in Lindberg Consulting, a firm that specializes in project management, strategic  planning, performance measurement and evaluation. Lindberg Consulting offers a range of organizational consulting including customized training, facilitated planning and problem-solving processes, conducting evaluations and managing client projects.

Lesley combines her academic background in Educational Psychology with 27 years of training and consulting experience in organizational development and has earned a reputation for delivering results.  Her consulting experience has spanned the fields of engineering, information systems, education, healthcare, social services and many more.  She has worked in the private, public and volunteer sectors as an expert change agent, able to customize processes and incorporate an integrated multi-faceted approach to any intervention.

Respecting and nurturing the human spirit while “sticking to business” is a core theme in all of her work.

Lesley is the Past President of the Project Management Institute, Manitoba Chapter and  participated in many national and international initiatives with the Institute.

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