Michael Antonio : Instructor

Michael’s experience includes conducting business in the Caribbean, N. America, the Ivory Coast in Africa, and the Pacific Rim and responsibility for multimillion-dollar solution deployments and product launches.


He is currently the Director, Information Technology Management Branch, Manitoba Finance. He has held senior management positions including President (Infocorp Computer Solutions), Operations Director (Systemhouse/EDS), IT Director (Manitoba Family Services/Finance/Manitoba Lotteries Corp.), National Systems Manager (Burns Meats).


Michael received his technical and business education and training from the University of Manitoba, St. Francis Xavier University, Queens University, Athabasca University, Learning Tree International, the Institute for Advanced Technology, and IBM.


Michael holds the following professional designations;

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association,
  • Certified Computer Professional (CCP), Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals,
  •  Information Systems Professional (ISP),Canadian Information Professional Society)


Among his recent memorable experiences was working as a member of a facilitation team on the Premier’s Economic Summit, in April 2010 and later at the Arctic Summit at the University of Winnipeg in November 2010.


Michael is dedicated to using his position in life, knowledge and skills to motivate, mentor and to teach others to develop their potential and to achieve their personal goals.

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