Michael McAndless: Instructor

Michael McAndless, BSc, CRM, has worked directly in risk management for over 30 years. His experience includes risk assessment and analysis, loss control, health, safety, environmental affairs, financial analysis, insurance and corporate risk management. He was first appointed Corporate Risk Manager of United Grain Growers (UGG) in 1984/Director - Risk Management of Agricore United (following the merger of Agricore Cooperative Limited and United Grain Growers) in 2001 and since 2004, Chief Risk Officer of Agricore United. Mike retired from Agricore United after 29 years of service in the summer of 2006.

Following 3 years as an independent consultant Mike became Risk Manager at the City of Winnipeg until retiring a second time in 2011. Currently, in addition to Risk Consulting, Mike is involved in a variety of initiatives including the development of a documentary with Prairie Public Television which will depict 200 years of development in Agriculture on the Northern Great Plains of North America since the initial planting of wheat by the Red River Selkirk Settler on October 12, 1812.     
Since the mid-1990 at UGG/Agricore United, Mike assumed increasingly significant roles in driving risk services corporate wide via a process of enterprise risk management. In addition to developing the governance structure for enterprise risk processes, he was instrumental in broadening the traditional risk function to embrace non-traditional risk areas. This ultimately included the development, design, and structure of landmark integrated risk-financing programs – which included innovative weather risk components.

As a result UGG/Agricore United’s Risk programs gained notoriety and have often formed the basis of teaching models in risk management – particularly enterprise risk management (ERM). In December of 2000, United Grain Growers had the distinction of receiving the Treasury Management International Award for Enterprise-wide Risk Management – Corporate Category, while at the same time becoming the basis of a Harvard Business School case study. As a result Mike has spoken throughout North America on risk management and business related issues.

Other interests have included positions within the Risk and Insurance Management Society, holding local executive positions, including chapter president, in addition to instructing in the Canadian Risk Management Certificate (CRM) program. In his tenure within the society, he had the opportunity to be actively involved in two Canadian conferences held in Winnipeg in 1986 and 1994, acting as Chairman of the 1994 National Conference. He has also been an active organizer and participant in employee fitness. Mike is the founder of the Great Grain Relay (a run that has lasted 33 years) and is also the former chair of the team relay competition of Manitoba Marathon.

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