Rosalie Harms: Instructor

Rosalie Harms, CMA, has a background including extensive work in workshop development and facilitation combined with over 10 years of experience working with existing business owners and new entrepreneurs in a business advising, financial consulting and commercial financing role.  She also teaches business and accounting at the University of Winnipeg in the Faculty of Business and Economics. 

Rosalie combines her energetic style with her experience as a business consultant and educator to assist her in delivering interactive training sessions and workshops tailored to the audience’s needs and expectations.  More specifically, she has provided training on the following topics:  Understanding and Interpreting Financial Statements, Projecting Financial Statements, Pricing through the Supply Chain, Working Capital Management, Developing Your Strategic Marketing Plan and Starting a New Business.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Administrative Studies and Economics from the University of Winnipeg and an MBA from the I.H. Asper School of Management at the University of Manitoba.

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DPS 59066 1701 Instructor: Rosalie Harms
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DPS 16149 1704 Instructor: Rosalie Harms
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DPS 51115 1702 Instructor: Rosalie Harms
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