Internet Site Administration and Web Security - DIT 21074

DIT 21074 36 hours

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

Armed now with a strong understanding of networks and internetworking, this course will address the provision of services over the Internet. Students will cover conceptual topics such as System Life Cycles and the role of the System Administrator. More practical topics such as DNS and Apache configuration and maintenance are also explored in detail. This course provides a solid foundation in the core concepts of the system and site administration. Combined with the networking courses, this provides a powerful combination of skills in the world of network and system administration.


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Configure and administer a Web and FTP server using IIS in Windows.
  • Configure and administer a Web and FTP server using Apache in Solaris 11.
  • Understand General Web Server/Computer remote administration.
Web Development Diploma
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